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Jensie and Charlie Kersten

October 14, 2020
Resident Stories

What drew you to this community? Growing up in Fayetteville, we never thought that as adults we would settle down in our hometown. After college, we moved to West Midtown for a couple of years, and when we visited family in Fayetteville, we saw the community being established. It caught our eye. This community offers everything we enjoyed having in Atlanta but in the suburbs, close to family. It’s exciting being here on the front end of the development and watching everything come to life!

How long have you lived here? We have lived here for just shy of one year. We officially made the community our home on November 13, 2019.

What makes your home unique? We love that no two houses are the same. The fact that each home was uniquely and intricately designed definitely drew us in. Our favorite design element on the exterior of our home is the arches wrapped around on the entire front porch. It gives a charming and homey vibe that we fell in love with at the start. From our living room, we have views of Triangle Park overlooking the beautiful vined canopy and green lawn.

What is the best part of living in this community? With restaurants, retail, the Piedmont Wellness Center, resort-style pool, a movie theater in the making and more, we love that we have almost everything we need in walking distance to us.

Haley Dawn Photography @haleydawnphotography

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