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February 7, 2020

It’s not news that America has been super-sizing our lives the past few decades. Compared to the rest of the world, we eat more food, drive bigger cars, shop in huge superstores…and live in much larger homes.

Despite this long, deep dive into consumerism, there is change on the horizon. Both the next generation of home buyers, as well as this current generation of empty nesters, are looking for something different. Smaller footprint homes that are well-built, efficient, easy to maintain, and environmentally sensitive are at the top of the shopping list. Understanding that relationships, experiences, and living in close community with others is more valuable than the amount of things we own, these buyers are looking for something different. We believe that answer can be found at Trilith.

When our family purchased a home in this community, we started by looking at homes that were similar in size to our previous homes. The home we chose had tall ceilings, lots of windows, white walls and an incredibly open floor plan. It was also half the size. Before we moved in, we went through the process of selling or giving away half of our “stuff.” (As a side note, giving things way was much more rewarding than those that we sold.)

By the time we settled in our new home, we had lost several thousand pounds of possessions that we no longer needed to carry, store or maintain. It was the most successful diet we had ever experienced. Our lives got simpler overnight, and that was just the beginning. The first electric bill we received that was a fraction of our past bills was a shocker, as was the confusion over what to do on the weekends when the Trilith Outdoors team had already done all of the yard and exterior maintenance. Our smaller footprint home lived so large we never once questioned our decision, and our new life was so refreshing.

Our story is similar to dozens of Trilith “right-sizers” who are living great lives while taking up much less room on the planet. Come join us.

Rob Parker, President

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