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David Zamora

August 7, 2020
Resident Stories

What drew you to this community? Growing up in a small Texas town, I knew I wanted to be a part of a city with diversity, walkability and community. After accepting a job in Atlanta, and beginning the home buying process, those three neighborhood characteristics were once again top of mind. After moving into my home and establishing myself in this community, I have not only found my expectations to be met but exceeded. This place offers even more culture and community than I could have asked for.

How long have you lived in Trilith? I moved in two years ago in August.

What makes your home unique? From the street level, it is the combination of the dark navy blue and height of the house. Once you walk in, it is the view of the lake from the living area and master bedroom that makes this house one of a kind. It is one of the few houses that allows one to see the sunset every evening over the water.

What is the best part of living in this community? The first thing that strikes me is the construction, design, uniqueness and holistic planning of the neighborhood. The attention to detail and intentionality behind the design is important to me. Secondly, every neighbor is a friend and the community feels like family. On every walk and outing, it is common to stop, talk and engage in meaningful conversations. I’ve never been in a community like this where people genuinely care for each other and are rooted where they live. Finally, it is the unique future of the ciommunity that originally drove me here, including the walkability to uniquely local restaurants, intentional outdoor space and access to arts and film. This is all just the beginning, and I can’t wait for the future.

What amenity are you enjoying the most? The pool is unbeatable. It feels as if you are on vacation every time you go, and it’s a great gathering spot for the community.

How does living in Trilith fuel your creativity? I am a frequent walker and the number of paths in the community allows for a change in scenery every time I step out my front door. It’s these walks that allow me to clear my head, process ideas and energizes me to do my best work. Additionally, this place is built on wild ideas, unconventional thinking, and strong leadership. It’s this progressive mindset in residential design that captures the attention of people and makes me appreciate the idea of taking chances and thinking bigger than you can imagine.

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